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AWS ELK on Ubuntu 21.04

This AMI features a built-in ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack on AWS cloud which can be customize to each users’ preference. This solution is ideal for user who wants the full functionality of an ELK stack and want to save some time on installing the software. We have installed all the ELK components on an Ubuntu environment, so that you can start your data analysis immediately. As easy as it sound, with just a few clicks, you can provision an ELK instance in less than a minute.

After you have provisioned the AMI, go to the AWS console where you setup your EC2 instance (for example, go to EC2 console in the Oregon region under your AWS account). Click on the instance you launched, and copy the public DNS (IPv4) address or the IPv4 Public IP address.

Public DNS (IPv4) and IPv4 Public IP in AWS EC2

Wait a few minutes to provision Kibana. Then paste {https://{IPv4 Public IP}:5601 onto your web browser and it will bring you to the Kibana launch page:

You can further customize the ELK stack by SSH into the instance using the following command:

ssh -i {certificate}.pem ubuntu@ec2–XX–XXX–XXX–


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