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AWS LEMP with PHP 8.0 on Amazon Linux 2

Amazon Linux 2 LEMP and phpMyAdmin AMI

This AMI is a LEMP Web Server with phpMyAdmin installed on Amazon Linux 2.

This AMI supports following versions.

  • PHP 8.0
  • Nginx 1.20
  • MariaDB 10.5
  • phpMyAdmin 5.1

Web Server

We prepared SSL/TLS so you can access to top page using http:// or https://.

DB Server Password

You can find the password from EC2 management console System Log.

  1. Go to Amazon EC2 console at
  2. Chose your Instance and Click Actions → Monitor and troubleshoot → Get System log

Get System log

LEMP PHP74 Get system log

You can also SSH into your instance and find the login credential using the following command.

$ cat /home/centos/credentials 
////////////////////credentials info////////////////////
--- phpMyAdmin
----- Setting  : Success
--- MariaDB
----- User     : root
----- Password : ****************


You can access to phpMyAdmin after creating ssh tunnel.

How to Set up SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding)

ex.) create ssh tunnel

$ ssh ec2-user@{ipaddress} -i {ssh-key-file.pem} -N -L 8080:localhost:80


For phpMyAdmin please refer to phpMyAdmin User Guide


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