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Jenkins setup wizard

Input initial password, "kuQuai0aiQu2ohjohxai2Phe8pohyach" in this case, and click “Continue”.

You will see plugin selection page as below.

For simplicity, click “Install suggested plugins”, and Jenkins will automatically install recommended plugins. This may take a few minutes.

Once plugin installation is done, setup wizard will ask you to create admin user. Specify your admin account detail, and click “Save and Continue”.

If you have setup a specific domain and fixed IP address for Jenkins, you can setup Jenkins URL here. If not, you can proceed with the default URL. NOTES: This default address is AWS assigned automatically. AWS will release this public IP address when the instance is stopped or terminated.

Finally, Jenkins is ready, click “Start using Jenkins”.

If the page doesn’t automatically refresh after a minute, open http://{your-jenkins-address}:8080/restart and click “Yes” to restart Jenkins.

After Jenkins restart, you will see login page as below. Fill out admin account you have setup above and login.

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