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After downloading the SonarQube Scanner zip file, extract into c:\sonar-scanner for example.
Go to your project root and run sonnar-scanner. You can copy command line parameters shown below.

cd YOUR_PROJECT_ROOT“c:\sonar-scanner\bin\sonar-scanner.bat” ^
 -D”sonar.projectKey=Awesome-project” ^
 -D”sonar.sources=.” ^
 -D”" ^

NOTE: As we installed self-signed dummy SSL certificate for test purpose, we have to make Sonar Scanner client to trust our self-signed dummy certificate, or use non-ssl(http) url for `` option. We strongly recommend to register static domain and setup trusted certificate in production. For SSL configuration, please refer to Tutorial: Configure SSL/TLS on Amazon Linux 2.

For more details about SonarQube and SonarQube Scanner, please refer to SonarQube Documentation.

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