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Web Server

Once the instance is running, please access your Redmine hosting domain or enter the public DNS provided by AWS (IPv4 Public IP) into your browser.
We prepared SSL/TLS so you can access to top page using https://.

When you access Redmine top page, you will receive certificate error like this image below. It is due to the fact that the setting for SSL/TLS on Web server is self-signed dummy certificate.

For simplicity, click on the “ShowDetails” button, and click “visit this website” link to access Redmine. If you want to set up a CA signed certificate, please refer to the following document for Step 2: Obtain a CA-signed Certificate.

If you see the “Your connection is not private” warning in Google Chrome. You can select anywhere on the webpage and type “thisisunsafe” to bypass the warning.

Once you proceed, you will see Redmine top page as shown below.

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